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The approach of Glafke Psychological Services

All psychological treatment is based on underlying assumptions about what is good, true, beautiful, and meaningful in life. Dr. Glafke believes that the root of all psychological suffering can be traced to a loss of love; Dr. Glafke’s practice is rooted in a Catholic view of the human person. He respects individual conscience and the patient’s personal search for truth, goodness, beauty, and meaning; he does not impose his beliefs on his patients. Thus, patients do not have to be Catholic or subscribe to the teachings of the Catholic Church to receive treatment. Should patients wish to receive services from someone with training or experience from a specific cultural or spiritual orientation and Dr. Glafke is unable to provide these services, he will work with patients in the referral process.


Dr. Mark Glafke is a licensed psychologist and Health Service Provide in Psychology (HSPP) for the state of Indiana. He holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University. He has been counseling patients for sixteen years, and has been licensed as a clinical psychologist since 2013. Dr. Glafke has had previous experience working in college counseling centers, community mental health, and at the Veteran’s Administration. He is a member of the Catholic Depth Psychology Group and is a regular attendee of the Conference of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association.